The Book of Retribution Vol. 2: Unchanging standard by which to measure wrongdoing

Bernard Arnold Jr. (Medisyne Works)

Hailing from Chicago, IL, my many talents include being a recording artist; poet; songwriter; producer; sound engineer; mentor; recording artist, as well as a sport and entertainment manager. My Chicagoland beginnings gave me an opportunity be surrounded by both unparalleled challenges. My entertainment career began at the age of 12 years old, playing an integral role as a recording artist with Roundtable Ent. & Drastik Measures, functioning as a writer and producer – even to go so far as personally distributing thousands of cd's, branching out to handling a variety of sound production projects for NWN Studios and the WB & Pax networks, which eventually led me to developing media campaigns and other marketing initiatives for partnering companies that needed production services. After migrating to Los Angeles in 2011, I’ve been involved with a number of projects including: ownership/management of a NASCAR race team; recording artist management; concert organization; executive production for an animation show; and sponsors acquisition for U of MMA. Though my talents extend far beyond music, my only  passion outside of family is being a writer and performer. My experience as a recording artist is definitely that of a time[tested, experience[driven, and polished professional. I write for the future and not for quick applause, drawing inspiration from musical greats like Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye and Prince. My peers and music lovers would describe my work as intelligent and thought provoking, compelling them to look for deeper meaning with each listen. My second LP, The Book of Retribution Vol. 2, highlights my tumultuous life experiences of pain, love, death and healing. 4 years ago my father was killed during one of Chicago’s highest murder peaks in history. I dedicate my current album to him and all those who have fallen my hometown.   


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